So this is currently just idea evolving, one hatched this weekend with our very creative friend Charlie, in a haze of grappa and limoncello might I add.

We ate well this weekend, very well.

Not a surprise being in Rome you might think.

But actually it’s a harder task than you might imagine. With a city so rammed full of undiscerning tourists the restaurant crowd don’t need to go to any special lengths to keep business ticking over. As a resident this is ever so frustrating when all you really want is a true taste of THIS city (not spaghetti vongole from Veneto or spaghetti bolognese from Bologna) in a relatively pleasant or attractive environment. Of course there are sublime restaurants in every corner of this ancient city but picking them out is still work in progress. Thus the majority of our gorging was actually enjoyed in our own little piece of Rome, alla casa!

Here’s where the innovation of London culture meets a true flavour of Roman cuisine. A simple idea of a supperclub in our home using newly acquired and tested local recipes, produce from our incredibly local Mercato Trionfale in a cosy and atmospheric setting.

Rome’s newest secret: our secret supper club.


5 thoughts on “Primo

  1. To the beautiful Wells Family

    This is going to me a super great success – i wish you all the best with it and hope to come to one of Romes sexiest dinner parties


    Chaz xxxx

  2. LOVE IT! What a great idea, will definitely be Rome’s best kept secret, the hot ticket out for the foodies amongest us.

    Lots of Love, The Scaddans xxxxx

  3. I don’t know if there is anything like this in Rome, in any case it’s a great idea! Good luck guys, I really hope it takes off (apparently it has) šŸ™‚

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