Having met the Chef of Backdoor47 we thought we would share his comments and thoughts after our conversation. Looking forward to meeting Rob again on Sunday for a tour of the Castelli Romani.




Rome, the cradle of Western European culture: almost 2000 years of history, capital of one of the greatest empires ever known, centre of one the most followed religious cults, crowdy, noisy, laid back (almost lazy) and sweaty as it can be.  As the Romans like to say : “If the world is tumbling down, I will just step back and go the opposite way”. From the post-war times of La Dolce Vita to the last Woody Allen’s movie picture, The Eternal City always attracted the foreigners with its charm, romance and again laid back lifestyle and made them dream about how lovely would be having the Pope in your neighbourhood 😛

I don’t know how many British people actually made the move following the steps of Keats and Shelley but I can tell that at Bar del Fico, where yesterday I met the mysterious protagonists of this post, English is everything…

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