Top Ten Coffees in Rome

With the help of sensible non-Berlusconi owned newspaper Il Messaggero, we share the top 10 places to get coffee in Rome. Some of which we have been to, others not yet, and some of our own favourites have not been included (we shall do our own list one day). In the meantime we thought we would share the tips. All prices refer to the cost of an espresso, standing “al banco” of course.

10 Best Coffees in Rome

10. Caffetteria Paglialonga

Via Montell 12 – tel 06.37517058 – Prati. Walking distance from Rome’s Secret Supper Club. Described as a “small but significant establishment in the heart of Prati” and open from breakfast to aperitivo hour. €1.

9. Castroni

Castroni Caffe Rome

Via Cola di Rienzo 196 – tel 06.6874383 – Prati. The “flagship” of the long standing gastro-emporia dotted across Rome, is steeped in the coffee-ring-marked history. Take in the aromas of the fresh coffee from all over the world. We particularly use Castroni for emergency world-food supplies (emergency Baked Beans – €3 a can anyone? -, Marmite, that kind of thing). Always well stocked with arguably the most diverse and interesting range of supplies on the Roman high streets. €0.90.

8.  Valleys

Viale Val Padana 30 – tel 06.8101202. Far from the centre of Rome apparently you can expect to find a true and serious espresso, with a flavour that lingers pleasantly on the pallet. Sounds nice. €0.90.

7. Caffe’ Universale

Via delle Coppele 16 – tel 06.68392065 – Centro Storico. A place that also offers first-class aperitivo with meticulous attention to quality, they offer a wide range coffees from the best producing regions of the world, enough to satisfy the most serious and curious of caffeine connoisseurs. €1.

6. Sciascia

Via Fabio Massimo 80 – tel 06.3211580 – Prati. One of our favourites, and one that I have only just learned the name of. The coffee is as serious as the lady that runs it (thankfully the coffee not quite as bitter). The gentleman, presumably her husband is a little warmer. Once you get past “the gatekeeper”, head to the back of the shop you are greeted by the bow-tie wearing baristi who serve a famously good blend of “joe”. My advice would be to stick to the coffee and don’t be distracted by their very expensive gelato. The baristi and the decor are worth the visit, old school charm and coffee served in pretty delicate china. If you like that kind of thing, which I do. €0.90.

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