Having met the Chef of Backdoor47 we thought we would share his comments and thoughts after our conversation. Looking forward to meeting Rob again on Sunday for a tour of the Castelli Romani.




Rome, the cradle of Western European culture: almost 2000 years of history, capital of one of the greatest empires ever known, centre of one the most followed religious cults, crowdy, noisy, laid back (almost lazy) and sweaty as it can be.  As the Romans like to say : “If the world is tumbling down, I will just step back and go the opposite way”. From the post-war times of La Dolce Vita to the last Woody Allen’s movie picture, The Eternal City always attracted the foreigners with its charm, romance and again laid back lifestyle and made them dream about how lovely would be having the Pope in your neighbourhood 😛

I don’t know how many British people actually made the move following the steps of Keats and Shelley but I can tell that at Bar del Fico, where yesterday I met the mysterious protagonists of this post, English is everything…

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Things to do in Rome in August – Enjoy a Supper Club experience!

Rome’s Secret Supper Club: Menu to entice… book your place August 27th 2012

Aperitivo: Aperol Spritz and crostini

Primo: Tonnarelli Carbonara

Insalata: Panzanella Romana

Secondo: Polpette e fagioli

Dolce: a touch of the inglese…. pavlova pesca

Only €30 for 5 incredible courses

Book your place by by email or leave a comment below.

(Photo borrowed from the delightful Mission Delectable, where you can also find the Aperol Spritz recipe)

Fantastico First Supper Club

We had a very special evening entertaining our guests. All our guests this week were local to Rome so well rehearsed in Roman cuisine we decided our menu should offer them something a little different- Thai cuisine topped off with a very British pud to celebrate this weekend’s Jubilee celebrations!

The menu:
Primo: Tuk Tuk Salad
Secondo: King Prawn Thai Red curry served with a "riso montagne"
Insalata: Som Tam
Dolce: Jubilee Pavlova (a nod to our British roots this weekend!)

Next Supper Friday 8th June.


This looks interesting…


When I posted a story of my love for the quintessential roman carbonara a couple of weeks ago I never anticipated being invited to join a Carbonara Club – or that there even was such a thing!

The term Club is used in a light, informal sense and refers to a group of fellow Rome-homers (I don’t love using the word expat) and some local Romans who go out in search for the best carbonara the city has to offer.

Tonight was my baptism into this Club.  And I’m hooked.

The restaurant was Da Enzo in Trastevere and I knew it was going to be great. 

Firstly I was told that it had been recommended to the group organiser by a local – so you can generally guarantee its authenticity from the outset.

The second sign that we were in for a treat was what I saw on arrival.  Getting there first…

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